As an artist, it is my job to evoke feelings. Whatever I produce, be it an edited photo, decoupage, or small sketches, I pay attention to how it makes me feel. It is my goal to infuse emotion in my media creations to the audience. This doesn't have to be the same emotion, but my work should produce an emotional reaction. 

Many things can influence an artist. I personally look to other artist or designers for inspiration: the color and whimsy Mary Blair uses, Charles S. Anderson’s humor in illustration, and Fornasetti’s multiple pieces featuring his muse are all at the top of my list for inspiration. When I see something I like, I take time out to research that designer and try to utilize specific aspects in my own work.    

Art of any kind, can touch people. My main intention behind any work I produce is to make myself feel good. If people react to my creations with emotion, I feel I have exceeded in my job as an artist.